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Welcome to DKracing, the home page for all the latest news and information about my motorcycle Racing career. On this webpage, you will be able to keep up to date with all of my racing action from the Isle of Man and the UK, from short circuit racing to real road racing. You can find out about my racing career, past to present; also more importantly, information about my team and sponsors, without which, a lot of my progression and success would not have been possible. I hope you enjoy the site and hope you return soon for all the latest news!

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15th June 2012: Sorry for the lack of updates everybody! We have been keeping the Facebook page on the ball so please ‘Like’ us to stay informed. I shall start in chronological order for this update! We completed our 400 Kawasaki in April ready for testing. We got out at Jurby later in the month for a very positive test. The times were good and the bike was handling well. Unfortunately we ran in to clutch issues which we were unable to fix at the track so cut the test short. After replacing a suspect clutch basket we tested again in TT week, only to find the same problem. With another fix, we had to go straight into racing at Billown for the Post TT Races.

With a delayed schedule due to TT week, the race programme was condensed and we only had one practice/qualifying session before going straight into the race. This did not go so well, with the clutch problem seemingly fixed, our gearing was out, and our handling and lack of steering damper causing high speed tank slappers. The lads had a lot to do in the hour before the race. As always Gaz, Chris and Burnsy set to work, got the gearing closer with what we had available and sourced and fitted a steering damper with just minutes to spare. With all the issues we still managed to qualify on the middle of the third row.

I got a great start off the line and had a great run on second and third place, as I went for the overtake the gap reduced and I thought better of it, with the brick wall getting ever closer. This left me wide open for an attack from Ian Lougher who sat me up at Ballakeighan corner. I re-passed him into Iron Gate, and we exchanged positions for the rest of the lap before he managed to break me. This left me in sixth, then once again, our clutch problem returned. With the clutch slipping it was a battle to hold sixth position. I clipped the wall at Church on lap four whilst battling with Jeremy Hill aboard his very fast Honda. I then decided to get my head down and managed to gap him to the line, finishing in sixth place behind Lougher.

Although disappointed not to be further up the field, we should be happy as we have had less than an hour testing this bike before its race debut. The Post TT race was a great test, and we now know what to do to get us towards the podium for the Southern 100. The only thing we will be lacking is engine power, we are around 8HP down on the top 400 machines, but power costs money and our limited funds and no sponsorship means there is not much we can do about that for now. I would like to thank all the Team Morning Motorsport crew for helping on race day, my Dad and wife Kim, and all the Marshalls and organisers which helped make the Post TT happen.

Bring on the Southern 100!

 D. Kennington

8th March 2012: Well, it’s been a while, so I shall start be wishing everyone a happy new year! I would personally like to congratulate chief mechanic Chris on the arrival of his first child, baby Millie, hopefully a Team Morning Motorsport member in the making! On a similar subject, I am also expecting my first child with my wife, and team member, Kimberley. Our baby is due two weeks after this year’s Southern 100 road races just to add to the seasons excitement!

DKRacing has had a quiet few months over the winter making plans for 2012. Unfortunately we have been unable to secure any new sponsorship for the season ahead, which has left us unable to make any definitive plans. We still have EAM Aviation on board, generously supplying us with workshop facilities once more, but apart from this, our fairings will be sponsor free for anyone who wishes to help. Due to these financial difficulties in the current economic climate, we have had to sell the Yamaha R6 which we have had for the last 2 years. It was a very sad day and nearly brought a tear to my eye!

After such a successful 2011 season, the team have decided to take a change of direction in the look for some new challenges. We are pleased to announce we have switched to Kawasaki machinery for 2012, and will compete in the Lightweight classes on our new ZXR400R. At present, the bike is still being prepared in the workshop, and we will hopefully be able to launch it by the end of the month. At present there are no plans to race the IOM Championships due to lack of funds, but we are pleased to say our Post TT race entry has already been accepted for June, and we will also be competing in the International Southern 100 Road Races in July. The only other definite meeting planned so far, is the ARA Endurance race in October. If possible, we would also like to compete in a couple of other selected short circuit meetings, and at present the Manx Grand prix is just a big question mark, but we are all positive for another successful season ahead.

We will try and keep the website up to date with monthly updates as the season begins, but for more up to date news, sign up to our DKRacing Facebook page for all the latest! Speak soon guys and gals and if there are any potential new sponsors out there, feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

 D. Kennington

25th October 2011: Sorry for the delay guys and girls!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Endurance Race at Jurby. Debuting in the lightweight 400/650 class, I teamed up with 2011 400cc Champion and Forgotten Era Champion Rob Sells on his Yamaha FZR400RR (1989). With a wet practice we were steady away. As the Endurance start positions are taken from you race number, qualification times were not an issue and we were starting in a very healthy 10th place. We flipped a coin as to who would make the ‘Le Mans’ style start and Robs wrong choice on the coin toss meant he took the start.

Running across the track and mounting his bike, Rob got away well, although half way down the straight he was clipped by another rider causing him to miss a gear dropping us to 15th overall. Within 10 laps though, Rob was destroying the field and had us up to 5th place overall and 1st in class. We decided to pit every 40 minutes to refuel and swap rider. On my first stint, adapting to the 400 style, I held our position following closely behind the Martin Bullock mounted Callum Collister who was in 4th position overall. The session went well and I handed back over to Rob. He then did something very unexpected, he took 4th place overall overtaking Johnny Heginbotham (Callums team mate) into the pit straight turn and then proceeded to pull away! It was going well then all of a sudden Rob lost power, and position. He came pushing into the pits. On inspection, he had ran out of fuel! Martin and Chris then overfilled him as a safety precaution, bump started, and with me at the helm we were away again. The session went well and we had increased our lead to 5 laps. Once again Rob took over and increased this to a 7 lap lead in the Lightweight Class and 5th overall. Rob pitted and I mounted for the final stint. On my 3rd lap in, disaster struck! The bike locked up into turn one, I grabbed the clutch and she started running again, although it was obvious there was a huge lack of power. I pitted immediately. We were out of oil, we topped it up and rejoined the track for one final lap. Unfortunately, with 20 minutes of the 4 hr race left, the engine had gone. I pitted as I did not want to drop oil on track or cause danger to any other riders. We were so close. Fortunately, so close to the finish, I was allowed to push the bike across the line on the last lap to still finish the race, and due to our enormous lead we had built up, finish the lightweight class in 3rd position! A great achievement all things considered. The race was great fun and I have to thank Chris, Burnsy and Rob’s dad Dave for pit crewing for us, and of course Rob himself for asking me to ride with him, it was a great privilege and so close to a win!

Now the season is finished I have a few months to reflect on the rollercoaster that was 2011. A season that started with crashes, turned into near podiums, a win at the Southern 100, and podium at the Manx Grand Prix. I have to thank everyone for all their help. EAM Aviation, Definition Dance Company, Eamon McGee and all of Team Morning Motorsport to name a few. It’s been fantastic! As for 2012? A question mark it is. Without any sponsors and lack of funds, I am unable to make any comment as of yet. We will have to see how the winter progresses. Watch this space!

 D. Kennington

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